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Have you ever thought about the meaning of your name?  I have looked at mine, but I have never been too concerned about it.  Unless it is a family name, we usually tend to choose names for our children that we like.  In Biblical days, a name had true meaning!  That is the case for this site. Take a look with me, and Get to know Home With Grace and Joy.

Biblical Names

I am reading in Genesis right now, and just in Chapter 26 alone, Isaac named three wells according to what was happening at the time – Quarrel, Hostility, and Open Spaces.  That is all fine, but that is also how they named their children.  Jacob literally means, “He grasps the heel,” and that is exactly what he was doing to his twin brother when they were born.  Before Rachel died in childbirth with Benjamin, she named him Ben-oni which means, “Son of My Sorrow.”  Luckily, his father changed it to Benjamin, “Son of My Right Hand.”  There are many other examples in the Bible, and I challenge you to look them up and share them in the comments.

Get to Know Home With Grace and Joy

There are two women who I love dearly who are very appropriately named – Grace and Joy!  My grandmother Grace, was truly a definition of grace!  She showed me how to love, give, forgive, and care for my family.  I still miss her, but oh the memories and impact she made!  I am also very blessed to have my mom, Joy, who is a picture of happiness and kindness.  Because this is the core of who she is, she brings joy to the people around her.  I have never met anyone who knew her that thought otherwise.

So again, I come back to the same question, “What’s in a name?”  I guess it is really about the character of a person.  Sometimes the names just happen to match up with character.  Please join me as I share how Grace and Joy have impacted my life and as I try to carry on the legacy they started. I hope you truly get to know Home With Grace and Joy.

Have a Grace & Joy-filled Day!


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Interesting Resource for Names

Click the link here to see almost anything you can imagine about your name or any other name. I challenge you to look your name up on the site. There is a wealth of information!

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