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A Quirk, A Fairytale, and a Find!

I know I am not the only one with a few quirks, but my family has made fun of me for years over my obsession with not having wrinkles on my sheets!  I honestly cannot do it!  There were times that we would be on vacation, and they would just sit back and watch me struggle to get the hotel sheets straightened out before I could go to bed.  No one helped; they only laughed. 

This quirk always reminds me of the fairytale, “The Princess and the Pea.”  If you haven’t read it, you should look it up or at least find a YouTube video.  The princess didn’t sleep well, because she could feel a tiny little pea under a huge stack of mattresses.  I am far from a princess, but I am pretty sure I would be able to feel the pea myself.

I used to have several homemade contraptions to hold the sheets in place, which really made it a pain to change the sheets. (Now that I actually typed that out, it sounds like I have a major problem!)  Anyway, my solution for the past several years has been to buy jersey sheets, because they stretch and are form fitting.  I actually buy a size smaller than the bed, just to make sure they fit tightly.  Jay loves the microfiber sheets because they are softer, but I just haven’t been able to take a chance on the wrinkles.

Not to sound like an infomercial, but I have to share my latest accidental find! On Prime Day, we ordered a mattress topper, which made me need larger sheets, so I ordered those too – jersey of course, in the correct size! When we got them, they were the softest things I have ever felt as far as jersey sheets go. I looked back at the package, and they are microfiber-jersey! All I can say is, “Oh My Goodness!” The mattress topper is going back, and even without it on the bed, the sheets still fit great!

If you happen to have the same little quirk or just like comfortable sheets, I have found them!  Again, I don’t want to sound like an infomercial, but these are worth sharing! I am including a link for anyone who is interested: The Best Sheets Ever!

Happy Shopping!

Have a Grace & Joy-filled day!


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“When I am filled with cares, Your comfort brings me joy.” Psalms 94:19

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    1. Yes, in the past, I bought a size smaller. I probably didn’t clarify that with these, I actually bought the correct size. I will go back and alter that.

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