My Mother-In-Law (By Jay Sikes)

Saturday Morning Devotional

Joy, my mother-in-law

My Mother-In-Law

How many mothers-in-law does it take to ruin a marriage? Just one – mine!  (NOT! – please continue reading.) My mother-in-law does not fit the typical stereotype.

There are many mother-in-law jokes out there.  I hope I’m correct in saying there are more good mothers-in-law than bad.  However, I couldn’t tell you.  I’ve had only one mother-in-law in my life, and she has been for 37.5 years and counting.  How many does it take to ruin a marriage?  I can’t answer that question either.  My one mother-in-law has done nothing other than bring great value to my life and my marriage.

My Mother-in-Law’s Character

Hopefully you read this past Wednesday’s post.  If so, then you know Joy, my mother-in-law, had major back surgery.  I normally would have been there, but I was preaching a friend’s funeral.  His oldest son is a very good friend of mine, and I wanted and needed to be there for him and his family.  I didn’t even consider bailing on this family during their time of grief and celebration. 

I know what you’re thinking…some kind of son-in-law you are!  However, I didn’t consider it because I knew Joy would not have heard of it!  She would have insisted I be there for Mike, Shane, and their family.  I didn’t even need to discuss it with Joy because I know her.  Experience has given me answers about stuff like that many times over the years.  Others are always first in Joy’s life.  How could they not be and Joy be a headliner in the name of this website?

If you aren’t already aware, let me inform you that surgical times are at best an estimate.  However, in the medical field, pretty much anything can interfere with the estimated surgical schedule, i.e. complications, an emergency comes in, or even a beautiful morning drawing the surgeon out for a quick 9 holes of golf (only teasing on the golf, I think!)

Joy’s surgery was indeed moved out a bit.  The surgery was a success – thanks for the prayers.  However, when she got into her room, she was in tremendous pain.  Family had been told there would be no need for anyone to stay the night with Joy because the surgery was late in the day, and she would be out from the pain meds.  However, family would not leave until the pain was under control, which was about 2 hours later.  There was concern about leaving her by herself, but medical staff said there was no need.  Family left at 10 PM.  All should be well.

Her Pain

Should be and fact are not always the same.  Unfortunately, that was the case for Joy.  She was in pain all night.  In fact, it was so bad she had to scream out to get medical staff to come help her.  Joy may be short, but her pain level is very tall, so we know it was bad!  When she finally did get help, the nurse treated her very rudely.  I’m not telling you this to bang on another individual but to help you understand more about Joy.

Now my sister-in-law and I have some very common ways.  We are more apt to say, “Show me who; we’ll see to it that this doesn’t happen again!”  I’ll admit it, that’s how I felt Thursday morning, as did Kristie (sis-n-law).  Of course the employee was already gone, which I’m sure was good.  However, someone came in to do somewhat of a survey of how things went through the night.  So Kristie began to share, and she (as I would’ve) was laying out the harsh details.  Yet Kristie kept getting interrupted…by Joy! 

Joy was saying things like, “We don’t know what she may be going through. She may have had a bad day. There may be things she is struggling with in her personal life…etc.”  Kristie nor myself were surprised.  Joy is the advocate for others, regardless of the situation.  If, which is not very often, she gets upset, it doesn’t take long for the remorse to show up.  That’s our Joy!

Some of Her Fineness:

  • Patient, kind, does not envy nor boast, not proud
  • Not rude nor self-seeking, not easily angered, and she keeps no record of wrongs
  • She does not delight in evil, and she rejoices with the truth.
  • She protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres.
  • Joy is one of the most loving people I have ever known, and love never fails.
  • 1 Corinthians 13:4-8A

You see, Joy’s pain was tremendous, and we would have all stayed the night if we had a clue that she would have had such a bad night.  Yet through it all, she still showed grace, mercy, kindness, and love, because she didn’t know what someone else might be going through themselves.

How many mothers-in-law does it take to enhance your marriage and your life?  ONE, IF YOU ARE AS BLESSED AS I AM!

Quote of the Week

thoughts from my mother-in-law

Thank you to everyone who prayed for my mom this week. She is doing well, but is obviously in pain. All prayers for continued healing are certainly appreciated!

Menu Update

If you have not been using menu I posted for September and need some meal ideas for your family, click here to go to the post. Although I do not stick to the plan exactly, it has been very helpful. If you would like to share quick and easy recipes that I can share with everyone, please feel free to do so.

Have a Grace & Joy-filled Day!

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“When I am filled with cares, Your comfort brings me joy.” Psalms 94:19


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