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charcuterie table for grazing party

I have been intrigued by Charcuterie boards for the past year or so. My daughter-in-law and I created one for our Family Pre-Christmas Party last year, and I have been fascinated ever since. So, here are some charcuterie ideas and resources for all of your upcoming gatherings!


I have bought different trays, boards, and even an “S” initial container, but I haven’t made a single one since last Christmas. I think I have felt overwhelmed by the thought of the creativity. Things are about to change. I found my inspiration!


Alexis Davenport from Bohemian Boards (a local company to me) has an amazing Charcuterie business. It has grown from just a dream to just recently being voted into the top 3 in catering for our county! When you see her boards, you understand why.


Alexis is a full-time mom of two, and she stays busy creating boards for people. It was her love for entertaining that sparked her creativity for cheese boards many years ago. In September of 2020, Alexis was able to pursue her dream and open Bohemian Boards.

This has given me so much inspiration! I can tell you that I plan on making at least one board for Thanksgiving. My initial “S” container will be the first one. I hope you will try them out also. Please share any of your creations in the comments.


If you are local and would like to have one made, she makes them for all occasions and really personalizes them. If you choose to go in that direction, here is her contact information and social media contacts:


Bohemian Boards LLC (@bohemian.boards) • Instagram photos and videos


(3) Bohemian Boards | Greenville TX | Facebook

Website: www.bohemianboards.com


I look forward to seeing your creations!


Ideas and Resources On the Web

If you haven’t seen November’s menu, here is a link to it. There is also a delicious topping for fish or chicken on the menu page.


I also have a few other Charcuterie ideas, thoughts, and resources that I found on the Internet.

Kate from Southern Home and Hospitality shared Easy DIY Charcuterie Boxes and Letters for Any Occasion


Vintage Home Designs started out by sharing a Halloween Board, but she also has ideas listed for what types of food to add to a board, how to arrange them, and she gives food ideas by color.


Mornings on Macedonia gives step by step directions on How to Make a Fall Dessert Charcuterie Board.


Charcuterie Fascinations & Finds


You can use any type of board you have to make these amazing creations. I actually used a lazy Susan last year. I now have a bread board as well as several Charcuterie boards I plan on using. If you don’t have anything, here are a few options:

I hope this mid-week post inspired you and gave you some charcuterie ideas and resources for all of your upcoming gatherings! Please share any thoughts, ideas, recipes, or boards you have created with us all.

Have a Grace & Joy-filled day!


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“When I am filled with cares, Your comfort brings me joy.” Psalms 94:19

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  1. 🥹 SUSAN! Love this, and I love that you chose me. I’m so happy to be a light of creativity and inspiration for you, thank you for featuring me and my small business!

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