How to Make Simple Homemade Christmas Gifts

homemade Christmas gifts
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In talking with some of my family members, we thought it would be fun to make “Homemade” Christmas gifts this year. I still plan on shopping and buying gifts, but I thought it would be fun to make one homemade Christmas gift for each person – Little House on the Prairie style! I had to do a little research on how to make simple homemade Christmas gifts.

Please don’t think I am rushing through Thanksgiving, but if I am going to do this, I need to have plenty of time. I can tell you with full disclosure that I am not the craftiest person you will ever meet. I am going to need some help in this area, so I am asking for your ideas.


Simple Homemade Gifts I have found so far:


I do not sew, so these scarves look pretty easy.


This one might be a little too time consuming to be finished before Christmas.


I really like these for the people with a fireplace or fire pit.


I know I have shared about this binding machine before, but for whatever reason, I am still thinking about getting one.


These are some of the homemade Christmas gifts we have received in the past:

One of our ultimate favorite semi-homemade Christmas gifts was given to us (really Jay) several years ago by my parents. They literally make the best cornbread, and Jay had been asking how to make it. They bought us a cast iron skillet, hand wrote a recipe for the cornbread, and made several packets filled with the dry ingredients. Each packet was enough for one pan of cornbread. All we had to do was add the other ingredients and pop it in the oven. This homemade gift still sticks in my mind as one of the bests!

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Our daughter Shea got her sister-in-law to make this for us the year we lost our son. This was his recipe, in his handwriting. Precious!


My mother made the recipe book on the left for me several years ago. The black journal on the right is the one our son made for us one year. Both of these are priceless!

simple homemade Christmas gift recipe books
Two Handwritten Recipe Books – One from My Mom and the Other from Our Son

I can’t end this post without sharing the first homemade Christmas gift Jay ever made me. As many people are when newly weds, we did not have much money, so he made me a life sized rocking horse!

simple homemade Christmas gift life size rocking horse

After all of these years, we still have him out in the shop. Jay threatens to add him to the burn pile, but I don’t think so!


I am truly asking for your input. Please share your thoughts and ideas!

Please remember what I said at the beginning of this post.

  • I am not very crafty.
  • I don’t have that much time before Christmas.
  • I don’t have many ideas.


Homemade Fascinations & Finds

I wanted to share a couple of local finds, just in time for Christmas.


Thread With Grace does personalized embroidery, monograms, and more. They are very talented and located in the Hunt County area. Check out their Facebook page here.


I met Kay from Kay’s Krafts at a craft fair a couple of months ago. She makes several things, but I had to have one of these Nativity sets! They are adorable. She also made me a tea towel that is gorgeous!

handmade creations card


I hope this mid-week post inspired you and gave you a few homemade Christmas gift ideas. Please share any thoughts or gift ideas you have with us all.

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Have a Grace & Joy-filled day!


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“When I am filled with cares, Your comfort brings me joy.” Psalms 94:19

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  1. I love all these ideas, Susan! My Granny made me a recipe book and it’s still one of my favorite gifts to date. One of my sisters made me a roadtrip playlist that I adore and one of my brothers in law made me a headband to help keep the hair out of my face when I’m running. They weren’t expensive at all but they were super thoughtful and definitely appreciated. Can’t wait to see your fabulous ideas, CoCo

  2. Love all these gift ideas. Thank you for sharing with us at the Home Imagined Party. Have a wonderful week.

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