Know Your Mission and Take the Opportunities

Saturday Morning Devotional

We are given so many opportunities to be successful and to fulfill our God-given mission. It is so important for us to know our mission and take the opportunities He sets before us!

Know Your Mission and Take the Opportunities

I love beach vacations! One of my favorite parts of a beach vacation is getting up before everyone else and going down to the beach to have a peaceful time with the Lord. You have to know your mission and take the opportunities.

The Lord tends to speak very clearly in those times, probably because I am listening a little more closely. What is irritating is having that time interrupted.

Jesus’ Example to Us

sitting by the sea to hear the Lord speak about your mission

This reminds me of a time in the New Testament when Jesus went out and was sitting by the sea. I can only imagine how peaceful that must have been – the water lightly rolling onto the shore and birds singing up above Him. Then here came the crowds!

“On that day, Jesus went out of the house and was sitting by the sea. Such large crowds gathered around Him that He got into a boat and sat down, while the whole crowd stood on the shore. Then He told them many things in parables…” Matthew 13:1-3

I am sure I would have been a little irritated, but not Jesus! He had an important assignment and took the opportunity to share the Kingdom of God with the crowds. After all, that was what He came here to do; it was His mission – God’s mission for Him. He knew His mission, and He knew He had a limited time on earth to complete it. He took every opportunity that came His way.

Compassion Fuels the Mission

passion fuels your mission

Jesus also had such love and compassion for the people. Part of Jesus’ mission was showing us His love. He definitely took every opportunity to fulfill that mission. This aspect of His mission didn’t just manifest itself in Him spending his time ministering and preaching to people, but it was ultimately shown through His death on the cross.

“Now My soul is trouble. What should I say, ‘Father, save Me from this hour?’ But that is why I came to this hour.'” John 12: 27

It seems that there are some benefits when you know your mission and take the opportunities.

When You Know Your Mission

  • It is easier to stay on task.
  • You can see the opportunities set before you more easily.
  • You don’t mind the “interruptions” in life.
  • You know you have a limited time to complete the mission, so there is a sense of urgency.
  • You make a difference in the lives of others.
  • The love of Christ shines through for others to see.

So what is your mission? I feel like we have many missions in life. Your mission is whatever the Lord calls you to do, and each person’s missions and callings are unique. They can be:

  • Raising children
  • Loving a spouse
  • Ministering to a friend
  • Teaching (Whether you are a Sunday School teacher, a school teacher, or a teacher at home)
  • Praying for people
  • Lead a Bible Study
  • Running a business
  • Spreading the Gospel
  • Singing in the choir
  • Working in the nursery
  • Having a listening ear
  • Whatever career He leads you to
  • Volunteering for a non-profit
  • Helping Church leaders in different areas
  • Babysitting for a parent in need
  • Supporting a children’s home
  • Supporting mission work or someone you know in the mission field
  • Writing, Speaking, Creating, Cooking, or anything else that uses your spiritual gifts and is for the Glory of God.

And on and on and on! He uses us in practical ways. Your mission doesn’t have to be what you consider a big thing. It is what the Lord wants you to do. That makes it a big thing!

Mission and Opportunity Scriptures

“Jesus knew that His mission was now finished, and to fulfill Scripture, He said, ‘I am thirsty.'” John 19:28


“Make the most of every opportunity in these evil days.” Ephesians 5:16


“Don’t act thoughtlessly, but understand what the Lord wants you to do.” Ephesians 5:17

Other Missions in the New Testament

Just like Proverbs in the Old Testament is filled with wisdom and “proverbs,” The New Testament, specifically the Book of Acts is filled with mission and “acts.” Jesus had just given the disciples the Great Commission, and they were determined to share the Gospel message and make disciples of all nations. I would say they were very successful – Here we are over 2,000 years later on the other side of the world, and we are followers of Christ! In fact, Christians today are in all parts of the world.

I am glad they knew the mission of God and took it seriously. May we continue where the generations before us left off. There are many people who need to hear the Good News to receive eternal life. Let’s continue this special assignment to the ends of the earth!

Mission Quotes of the Week

Mission Song

This is an older song. In fact, it is the one that helped me make the decision to help with Mission Friends when my kids were very little. I absolutely love this song about answering God’s Call! Click here to here the song, “Be the One” by Al Denson.

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My grandmother (Grace), never stopped ministering and living out her mission. She was all about meeting people’s physical needs, and the Lord gave her specific skills to do so. She did many great things and was a wonderful example for her family. See the post about her here – entitled, “Don’t Let Age Stop You.”

Find Out What Your Calling is and Stick to It

Think about your mission and unique purpose. Find a creative way to fulfill it, and you will find true joy.  

know your mission and get fueled

I would love to hear about your missions and purposes (both daily and long term missions). Please feel free to share in the comments.  Know your mission and take the opportunities!  

Until next time…

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  1. I think at the beginning of the year everyone is focused on trying to decide where they should invest their time and resources so this post is perfectly timed, Susan! I love that you have quiet time on the beach. I sear there is nothing like being fully present and knowing He’s walking right alongside you. Hugs, CoCo

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