Life Applications from the Bible – Vol. 43

Life Applications from the Bible – Vol. 43

I finished reading Matthew last week and started on Exodus. Oh my goodness – the life applications in Exodus are so encouraging, and there are so many of them! I hope you will enjoy them as much as I am.

Life Applications

  • Exodus Chapter 2 – If you read chapter 2, you can easily see the Lord working out all of the details of His plan. Notice the actions of these people:
    • Moses’ Mom
    • Pharaoh’s daughter
    • Moses’ sister
    • Moses (being part of the Egyptian and Hebrew cultures)
    • Shepherds in Midian
    • Girls at the well
    • Girls’ father
    • Israelites in Egypt, crying out to God
  • It may take time (even years) for the dream God has put in your heart to come about, but don’t lose heart or be discouraged. If He gave you the dream, He is working out the details.
  • Ex. 3:1-2
    • The word “meanwhile” has a lot of meaning in this passage. The Lord was working out the details of His Will in multiple places and in multiple people’s lives.
    • The Lord spoke to Moses while he was shepherding his father-in-law’s flock. The Lord speaks to us in our daily activities, routines, and work. We need to pay attention so we don’t miss it.
  • Ex. 4:1-17
    • When faced with a new task, especially one that might be dangerous or out of our comfort zone, we might ask the same question – “What if…”
    • Many times we have fear because we see our weaknesses, but the Lord Who created us knows our potential.
    • The Lord gave Moses the ability to perform miracles. He always equips us to do the things He calls us to do.
    • He created us and knows everything about us. He works in and through our weaknesses, and He gets the Glory! 2 Cor. 12:10

Life Application Resources


If you have joined me recently, these weekly life applications from the Bible are examples of some of the comments I write in the Bibles I am giving to my grandchildren when they graduate from high school. Click here to see the post where I explain this eternal gift idea.

I pray these weekly life applications help you in some way. Please share any encouragement and lessons you have learned this week.

Have a Grace & Joy-Filled day!


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“Thy Word is a Lamp unto my feet, and a Light unto my path.” Psalms 119:105

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  1. Such a great post, Susan! It always amazes me how His timing is always perfect especially when people who are meant to have a big role in our lives are placed on our path. It’s so subtle sometimes you barely even notice it until you realize they’re the missing link or the bridge. It’s so cool how He works! Hope your weekend is a fun one, CoCo

  2. What a wonderful gift for your grandchildren. Many of us have given Bible’s as gifts but this would make it so personal that how could you NOT treasure it and want to see what had been written to you personally.

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