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Home with Grace and Joy

Sharing faith, family, and food through the legacy of Grace and Joy


Join me in my weekly study to see how the Bible can be applied to our daily lives. I look forward to whatever life applications the Lord sends our way.


I love family stories and the history behind them! Let me show you a few fun ways I have found to preserve and pass down your family history.


Food can be the one thing that brings people together. And nothing is more important than the time we spend with our families.


5 of the Easiest Candy Recipes You Will Ever Find!

HI, I’M Susan!

I’m so happy you’re here!

Welcome! I believe homes and families should be filled with grace and joy! As I think about my life, I can see how my grandmother and my mom poured these beliefs into our home. How fitting that my grandmother’s name was Grace and my mother’s name is Joy. I hope to share the impact “Grace and Joy” have made on my life and in my home!

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