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Getting to Know Home with Grace and Joy

I am Susan, and I started Home with Grace and Joy because I believe homes and families should be filled with grace and joy! As I think about the influence my grandmother and mom have had on my life, I am amazed!  How fitting that my grandmother’s name was Grace and my mom’s name is Joy.  I can only hope to have the same kind of “Grace and Joy” influence on my family as they did!

My Family

I live in a small town in Texas, and I am married to my best friend and pastor, Jay.  We have a precious family of two children, Shea and Jacob.  Shea is married to Kris, and they have given us two beautiful grandchildren, Chloe and Cadlyn.  Our son, Jacob gave us a beautiful daughter-in-law, Kristy and another precious granddaughter, Evelyn.  We lost Jacob in 2019 to a fight with Leukemia.  Although we miss him more than words can express, we know where he is, and we will see him again one day.  

Learning to Live with Loss

Read more about our grief journey here at “Is it Possible to Grieve with Grace and Joy?” We have not gotten it all figured out by any means, but I hope that if you are dealing with grief, I can help you in some way. For more encouragement through your time of grief, see Susan Duke’s Facebook page, Grieving Forward. It is a blessing!

home with grace and joy family
Our Family – December 2018

The Rest of the Family

As you can tell, we are dog people! Oh my goodness, what joy these little creatures bring! Most of these are gone now (only two are with us), but none of them will never be forgotten!

My Life and Passions

Jay and Susan
Just the Two of Us

As I mentioned, I am a pastor’s wife, and I am also a high school counselor.  I love working with people of all ages and helping them through life.  Being home and sharing “Home Ideas” along with scripture is one of my favorite things.  I hope this site will be a blessing to you as I enjoy sharing devotionals, recipes, household tips, and more!

Read more about Home with Grace and Joy in the post, “Get to Know Home with Grace and Joy”

Thank you for joining me!