Favorite New Finds for Busy Seasons of Life

Favorite New Finds for Busy Seasons of Life

Whether you have a new baby, a new job, or busy times of activities with your kids, there are certain seasons of life that can almost make your head spin! I am in one of those seasons now with a new school year, and my head is spinning. There are a few things I have found to bring a little relief to this busy time. I want to share my favorite new finds for busy seasons of life. I hope they help you like they are helping me!

New Favorite Food Finds for Busy Seasons of Life

Burnt Ends

Have you heard about Burnt Ends? I had never heard of these, but Jay kept seeing them on Costco pop-up ads and wanted to try them.

We knew we would be short on time this week, so we set out to get a couple of quick and easy meals. We ran into Costco, and there were the Burnt Ends he kept hearing about. I wasn’t sure I wanted to try them, but I am so glad we did; they are a new favorite!

The pictures do not do these justice! They were tender and so delicious, and we literally warmed them up and served! This is a new favorite find that we will purchase frequently. If you haven’t tried these, you can get them in the meat section of Costco. Let me know what you think if you try them.

About a month before we found them at Costco, Jay bought a different brand from a well-known Super Center – They were terrible! We will only get the ones at Costco.

Pre Packaged Street Tacos

We love street tacos, and they aren’t hard or that time consuming to make. However, in the super busy seasons of life, you may need a little extra help. Here again, Jay found another favorite find at Costco that gave us that help.

These street taco kits are not only delicious, but super quick and easy. We warm the chicken in the microwave and the tortillas in the air fryer. Both of the sauces that come with the kit are amazing. This is another favorite meal!

New Favorite Office Supplies for Busy Seasons

If you know me at all, you know that I love planners, lists, and things that help keep things organized and efficient, especially when I feel frazzled and unorganized. Here are some items I recently purchased that really help!

Erasable Pens

Remember the first erasable pens years ago? These are NOT those! 🙂 A friend recommended these to me, and they erase marks completely. They have saved me time and frustration as I work in my planner. There are no mistakes or rescheduled appointments marked through in my planner any longer! If you can’t stand mark-throughs, try the pens here.

Erasable Highlighters

Just like the pens, the Frixion highlighters completely erase the highlighting! Caution though, if you highlighted something written with a Frixion pen, it erases it as well. These have been life changing in the office! See the link here.

Yearly Planner

What a timesaver this is!!! For several years I have made my own planner because I couldn’t find exactly what I wanted. I finally found it. This is saving me about 40 hours worth of work and even more frustration than that for $12.99! It is a weekly calendar broken into 15 minute segments. If you are looking for something similar, take a look at this one here.

New Favorite Travel Finds

Pink Laptop Backpack

I absolutely love this laptop backpack! It didn’t come in on time for my trip a few weeks ago, and I was so disappointed. I ended up having to use a regular backpack which didn’t zip up properly with my laptop in it, and I didn’t feel like my laptop was protected very well. This one has all of the features I needed, and it is adorably cute too! It is padded with many compartments, and it comes in many colors. If you are looking for a backpack or travel bag, check this one out here.

Portable Phone Charger

There is one last thing I have to share that has really helped me out in a pinch – my portable phone charger. I have had others in the past, but I never could get them to keep a charge, or I didn’t have the cables to connect them to my phone. This one stays charged for long periods of time, it comes with the cables attached for multiple phones, and it charges my phone quickly. I have been very pleased with this purchase. If you need a portable phone charger, the one here is great!

You may be in a calm season of life, if so, enjoy it. If you are in a crazy busy time, I hope some of these favorite new finds for busy seasons of life will help you like they have helped me. Take a look at these, and please share the things that help you in the busy times.

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Until next week…
Have a Grace & Joy-Filled Day!


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  1. This is such a helpful and timely post, Susan! I’ve never had them because I don’t eat meat but apparently, the burnt ends at Mojos bbq are supposed to be really, really good if you ever find yourself in Florida. I do have the pens and the highlighters and I love them both. In fact, I color code a lot of things so there is no way I’d be able to make it without the pens. I’m so happy you found a planner and a backpack you love too. They both make a huge difference in helping to keep things organized. Hugs for a happy school year, CoCo

  2. Interesting finds, definitely can make life easier esp for a busy new mom. The only thing I definitely would miss is processed meals. It is simpler and healthier to make a fresh salad. It may take a bit more time but our bodies would say thank you. Thanks for sharing with us at SSPS #276. Visiting from #10,11, and 12 ~ Julie Syl

  3. I will have to give those burnt ends a try for sure. I would have not picked it up but now that you mentioned and tasted it I will give it a try for sure.
    Thank you for sharing your links with us at #276 SSPS Linky. See you again next week.

    1. I would have never tried them either. My husband kept seeing them and wanting them. I am glad he talked me into trying them. They are delicious – not what you would expect.

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