Best Black Friday Shopping: Gift Guides for All Ages (2023)

You either love Black Friday or you hate it! Which camp are you? Either way, I hope to help this year with gift guides for all ages.

Black Friday Celebration

My History with Black Friday Shopping

As far back as I can remember, we always went Black Friday shopping.  On most occasions, we would be in Houston for Thanksgiving, visiting my grandmother (Ruby). After an amazing meal, we would each go through all of the sale ads in the newspaper and start making our shopping list. 

Newspaper Ads looking for Black Friday saels

The next day, we would head to the mall and shop until the stores closed. I don’t think it used to be as crazy as it is now, but you could still always get the best deals and low prices on that special day. More than anything, we just had fun!

Black Friday shopping in the mall

As an adult, there are only a few Black Fridays I can remember missing. I remember seeing people camping out at Best Buy year after year – I never camped out for anything like that. However, I  would get up at the crack of dawn to get in line before the stores opened. Several years in a row, I stood outside in freezing weather at Half Price Books to get a $5.00 gift card. LOL! How crazy is that?

Black Friday Shopping Now

I think Black Friday changed when retailers started opening on Thanksgiving night. Many of us refused to shop on Thanksgiving, giving others the run of the stores. The next morning, the thrill was gone from the shopping frenzy, so we just shopped later.

a miniature shopping cart and smartphone on macbook laptop online shopping for Black Friday
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Covid also changed the feel of Black Friday. Everyone started doing a lot of their Black Friday shopping online, which I also love. They even have Pre-Black Friday sales – online and in the stores!

Black Friday Overwhelm

With the amount of the stores having Black Friday sales, and the amount of commercials, emails, text messages, and other ads we receive, Black Friday can be a little overwhelming. To help with this, I have scoured the Internet looking for the best deals on gifts for people of all ages. I hope these gift guides help you with your shopping.

Gift Guides

You can also find these guides on the Shopping Page of the website.

1 – Gifts for Kids

2 – Gifts for Teens

3 – Gifts for Women

4 – Gifts for Men

5 – Gift Guides for Bible Study

Whether you are planning on braving the crowds this Friday, or you are going to shop online, I hope you found something here that will help you with your shopping this busy season. Please let me know if you have other gift ideas. You never know who will benefit from the information.

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My Top 12 Favorite Purchases
Black Friday Ads

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  1. So many fabulous ideas, Susan! I have a lot of these items and they life so much easier. I was really close to buying my sister the snail mucin because I’ve heard so many good things about it. I wound up buying her what she asked for but I’m so curious if it works as well as everyone says. Thanks for putting this together, it’s really helpful because Black Friday sales can definitely be overwhelming! Hugs, CoCo

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