Top Travel Tips and Tricks (2024)

I don’t travel that often, so when I do, I usually get frustrated. Because of this, I am always looking for tips and tricks to make traveling a little easier. Here are some of the top travel tips and tricks, along with a few products that I have found to ease the pain of traveling.

luggage ready for traveling

It is almost that “travel time of year” – summer! Many people travel during this time because of school schedules. There are fewer crowds if you make your travel plans during other times of the year, but sometimes that is not an option.

Whenever it is that you get to travel, I pray you enjoy it. Whether you are taking road trips or if it will be air travel, I hope these top travel tips and tricks will help you have a great travel experience.

Best Travel Tips and Tricks (In General)

  • First thing – Dress Comfortably! This is my #1 priority when traveling!
    • The clothing must fit nicely and be made from a comfortable material.
    • Dress in layers. I was on an airplane one time that was so cold that (even in all of my frugality) I purchased a blanket while I was on the airplane at airline rates!
    • Wear comfortable shoes for walking long distances.
  • If traveling out of state, call your credit card company to let them know. On occasion, they think the charges are fraudulent and block your credit cards.
  • Keep health care cards, travel documents, and other important documents in a secure place while traveling.
  • Save on your travel budget and use points for your hotel room and/or airline tickets.
  • Leave extra room in your suitcase or vehicle for souvenirs.
  • Download movies to a device to watch while traveling.
  • Check in with family members back home when you arrive at your destination and before you return.
  • Purchase a printed packing list or make your own digital one that you can update as needed. This makes packing go much smoother. Here are a few items to add to your list besides your regular clothing, shoes, and toiletries:
    • A trash bag to keep the dirty clothes away from the clean clothes
    • Gallon size baggies
    • A clear backpack or purse
    • Medicine and Vitamins
    • Light weight travel Bible
    • Cell phone charger
    • Small backpack or crossbody purse
  • It is a good idea to keep a toiletry bag stocked and ready at all times. It will be packed and ready to go. During a trip, hang the toiletry bag on the door. It will be handy but out of the way. After a trip:
    • Restock any needed items.
    • Rotate make-up (use the make-up in the travel bag for everyday use and replace it with fresh make-up for the next trip – unless you will be traveling soon.)
    • Always add a new toothbrush.
toiletry bag packed and ready for traveling
  • Don’t forget to get a pet sitter for your babies at home. If you are lucky enough, you might find someone who will even have a birthday party for your baby while you are gone and send you pictures!
pet sitter for traveling
  • Get familiar with your destination ahead of time.
    • Research restaurants (local food), best things to do in the area, history, etc.
    • Order or download a travel guide. The best time to do this is several weeks before your trip.
    • The important thing is to have a plan for anything you definitely want to do while there.

This was a time when we did NOT do the research before going on a trip! We had taken the kids to the Dominican Republic as teenagers and it was the most beautiful beach we had ever seen. We made the mistake of assuming it would be the same when we went years later. I have never seen so much seaweed ever! I couldn’t even get in the water.

Your mode of transportation can determine a lot also. There are other means of transportation, but I am only focusing on automobile and airplane today. Both have their own set of advantages and disadvantages.

travel tips in the car take items from home

When we go to the beach, we usually travel by vehicle. As you can see, on this trip, the car was loaded down with beach chairs, coolers, and boogie boards. It was packed full, but we didn’t have to spend money to rent or buy the items we needed when we got there.

Travel Tips and Tricks (By Automobile)

  • Sirius XM Radio is great when traveling by car. You never have to search for music. Of course, you can always listen to music on your phone.
  • Carry your own pillows. We flew to Tennessee recently and had to find a Wal-Mart to purchase better pillows for the week.
  • Have a bag full of snacks and drinks in the car to help tide you over until you make a stop.
  • If you are going to be buying groceries while on your trip, have the grocery list made out and ready. If you have a Wal-Mart+ membership, you can attempt grocery pick-up or delivery, just depending on how crowded your destination is. You can try it out for free for 30 days using the link above.

Travel Tips and Tricks (By Airplane)

travel tips and tricks on an airplane
  • Pack light – If you can get away with only packing a carry-on bag, things will be much easier for you. I haven’t mastered that yet. I went to Atlanta last summer for a conference and traveled alone. I met a friend who only packed a carry-on bag. We ended up walking a long way to get to the hotel. She was trucking along, and I was barely making it with all of that extra luggage!
  • Be familiar with the airline regulations. Each one has different rules and regulations to a certain degree.
  • Do the TSA Precheck when possible.
  • Download your boarding passes to your phone.
  • Keep an extra copy of your passport in a separate location.
  • Wear or carry socks to put on so you are not walking through the security checkpoint in your bare feet!
  • If you are going to need a rental car, reserve it in advance.
  • Most airlines have an App you can get on your phone. This is helpful for updates on flight information and changes.
travel tips and tricks in the airport

We would have loved to have known about the major delays coming back from this mission trip years ago. I don’t think they had Apps at that time.

  • Curbside check-in is usually much faster than waiting in line on the inside.
  • Weigh your bags before you leave the house to make sure they are within the required weight amount. Our luggage scales are one of the best purchases we have made! Don’t forget to pack the luggage scales for the trip home too.
  • Having your own luggage tags with your contact information on them will save you time filling out paper tags. After the last time we flew, I purchased my own tags. Look at the difference.

  • Bluetooth Luggage Trackers are helpful in keeping up with your luggage and/or other items.
  • If your luggage doesn’t stand out from the crowd, tie a colored scarf or ribbon around the handle to find it easier at the carousel.
  • Observed Trick – On our way back from Tennessee, the plane we were boarding was very full, and we were in the main cabin, closer to the back of the plane. As we boarded the plane, all of the overhead bins were open. The couple in font of us put their luggage in a space at the front of the plane and then sat in their seat close to us at the back. I was a little bit confused until we started unloading. They didn’t have to fight the crowd to get their luggage. As they walked by, they grabbed it and kept walking. For them:
    • They were assured of space for their luggage on a crowded plane.
    • It was easier to get to when they left.
travel tips on a plane get the snack

On a side note – If an airline offers a snack, I cannot resist the Bloody Mary Mix (spicy tomato juice)! What is your favorite airline snack?

Items to Pack in Your Travel Bag (Car or Plane)

  • Headrest
  • Book or Magazine to Read
  • Device
  • Phone Charger
  • Earbuds
  • Gum
  • Dramamine
  • Bottled Water
  • Patience

My Favorite Travel Items


These are a few of favorite items for traveling.

#1 – Pink Luggage Tags

My Favorite Top 10 Budget Friendly Purchases in Pink luggage tags for travel tips and tricks

When we returned from our trip to Tennessee last month, I was determined to never have to use one of the paper airline luggage tags again. As soon as we got back, I ordered these pink ones and love them!

They came in a set of three and were very inexpensive and came in a variety of colors. I love that they have flaps that cover your personal contact information, so it is not out there for everyone to see!

Link to the Luggage Tags

#2 – Pink Passport Case

My Favorite Top 10 Budget Friendly Purchases in Pink  passport case for travel tips and tricks

I am not planning a trip out of the country anytime soon, but I will be ready. While I was getting the luggage tags, I thought I would get a matching passport case.

Link to the Passport Case

#3 – Laptop Backpack

My Favorite Top 10 Budget Friendly Purchases in Pink backpack for travel tips and tricks

I ordered this backpack last year and have really enjoyed it. The way it opens at the top like a “nurse’s bag” allows for easy access, and it is made with great quality.

I love this when I travel. I use it as a carry-on and pack my laptop, books, and other necessary items in it. The backpack straps make for easy carrying.

Link to the Laptop Backpack

#4 -Earbuds

for travel tips and tricks pink earbuds

These earbuds are very inexpensive, but they work wonderfully! They come in a variety of colors, but Jay got me the pink ones. They are a great way to watch a movie without disturbing others.

Link to the Earbuds

#5 – Neck Rest

neck rest for travel tips and tricks

These are the best way to keep you from getting your neck all out of whack when you sleep on a plane or in a car.

Link to the neck rest

#6 – Small Blanket

small blanket for travel tips and tricks

Carrying a light weight blanket with you is always a good idea. It has kept me from having to purchase another blanket at airline prices!

Link to the small blanket

#7 – Portable Cell Phone Charger

portable phone charger for travel tips and tricks

This easy to use charger has been a life saver many times. The plug is built into it, so you always have everything you need.

Link to the portable cell phone charger

#8 – Luggage Scales

luggage scales for travel tips and tricks

Sometimes the weight limit on luggage is a little bit of a challenge for me. We not only use the scales before we leave for the trip, but we also carry them with us for the trip home. You would be surprised how much souvenirs can weigh!

Link to luggage scales

#9 – Luggage Trackers

luggage trackers for travel tips and tricks

I have not had the opportunity to use these yet, but I will the next time I travel. They have many other uses in addition to travel. My nephew put one on his dog’s collar while we were at a campsite for their wedding. They are a great way to keep up with things that are out of your sight.

Link to Bluetooth luggage trackers

#10 – Slim Billfold

slim billfold for travel tips and tricks

I use a budget envelope system for my daily billfold use, but it is pretty big. This little slim billfold is much easier to manage while traveling.

Link to slim billfold

#11 – Crossbody Purse

pink crossbody purse for travel tips and tricks

I love this crossbody purse. It is small, but it holds a lot of stuff! It is perfect for traveling or shopping days.

Link to crossbody purse

#12 Sanitizer Wand

sanitizer wand for travel tips and tricks

Anytime I travel, I feel like I have to disinfect certain items, especially in a hotel room. This little sanitizer wand gave me a little bit more peace of mind.

Link to sanitizer wand

#13 Toiletry Bag

toiletry bag top travel tips and tricks

This has to be one of my favorite items. It is so handy, but I love the looks of it too. You would be surprised how much you can fit into this bag.

Link to toiletry bag

Travel Items on My Wish List

I keep an Amazon wish list for other items, so when they go on sale, I can get the best deal possible. Here are some of the items on my wish list for travel.

Rose Gold Luggage

Mini Handheld Fan in Pink
I am not waiting for this one to go on sale. It is really inexpensive; I just haven’t ordered it yet.

I know there are many more travel tips, tricks, and products that I could have mentioned. There are probably many that I am not even aware of at this point – we are definitely not avid travelers. Although most of these travel tips are common sense, it helps to have them altogether.

Please share your favorite travel tips and tricks that may not have made my list. I love hearing ideas that will help take the frustration out of travel!

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  1. So many fabulous tips and tricks, Susan! I’m in the middle of writing a few travel posts for next week myself so I will definitely link to yours. It’s filled with all kind of good ideas. I wish I would have remembered to bring a trash bag for our dirty clothes. It’s so simple, yet so genius. I have a clear plastic pouch that I keep all the meds, first aid stuff and little pack of liquid iv. Having it in a clear pouch makes finding what you need immediately so much easier!

    1. Thank you so much!!! I look forward to reading your post as well. It is funny – I took a clear pouch with me, but it was empty. I packed it to use while on the trip. I could have easily packed my vitamins in it. That makes so much sense! Thanks for sharing!!

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