Life Applications from the Bible – Vol. 45

Life Applications from the Bible – Vol. 45

I am still enjoying the book of Exodus. Life applications are sprinkled throughout the book. I hope you will join me as I continue reading about the Exodus and the daily struggles the Israelites experienced on their way to freedom.

Life Applications

  • Exodus 14:4
    • The Israelites were exactly where the Lord had told them to be, and they had done what He told them to do.
    • When you know you are following the Lord’s Will and have done the things He called you to do, you may still have problems, conflicts, or opposition. In those times, be still and watch Him work!
  • Exodus 14:28-31
    • If the Egyptians hadn’t been pursuing them (problem, conflict, opposition), they wouldn’t have see the Lord’s mighty Hand at work. They wouldn’t have known that they could trust Him or Moses.
    • It is when we come through those situations of problems, conflict, or opposition that we get to see the Lord work in mighty ways. He grows our trust through the hard times.
    • Be thankful for the “growth” times.
  • Exodus15:9-10 – Anytime you are facing great challenges, enemies, or opposition that YOU cannot defeat, remember, “But God!” Give it to Him, and let Him handle it for you!
  • Exodus 18:18
    • Don’t be afraid to ask for help. We are not meant to do everything on our own.
    • Delegate!
    • When we insist on doing everything on our own, we are not as effective or productive. We will end up getting burned out, others will be frustrated, and things will be left undone.

Life Application Resources


If you have joined me recently, these weekly life applications from the Bible are examples of some of the comments I write in the Bibles I am giving to my grandchildren when they graduate from high school. Click here to see the post where I explain this eternal gift idea.

The rose colored Bible is the one I am using for my youngest granddaughter, and I really love it! The brown study Bible is the one Jay uses.

Link to the She Reads Truth Bible

Link to the Brown Study Bible

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I pray these weekly life applications help you in some way. Please share any encouragement and lessons you have learned this week.

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  1. Such a great reminder, Susan! I think when we are where we’re suppose to be but encounter problems or conflicts or unexpected changes it makes us think we’re not on the right path anymore and then doubt starts to creep in and then you start to question every decision. It’s tough but as you say a necessary part of the process. Gah-I need this reminder today! Big hugs and thanks for giving us your best, CoCo

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