How to Grow Your Faith and Mindset with The Power of Yet

If you have read many of my posts, you can probably guess that I love quotes! I collect them in journals, scraps of paper, digital folders, on pictures, and in my office at the high school. A few years ago, I came across a quote/poster with the use of a little word that I had to have. It was entitled, “The Power of Yet.” Let’s take a look at how to grow your faith and mindset with the power of YET.

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At the time, I had never heard of the “Power of Yet.” However, I loved what this quote said so much that I put it right in the center of my bulletin board at the high school. I point it out to my students frequently. Do you see how powerful these statements can be for the students?

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A Growth Mindset

Shortly after I made my bulletin board, I signed up to take a Growth Mindset class as part of my professional development. This is where I found out that “The Power of Yet” wasn’t just a cute little saying to put on the wall; it was a mindset! When you think about your mind, why would you want the opposite of a growth mindset, a fixed mindset? Even the name has a negative connotation.

The Power of “Yet” in Testimony

A few weeks ago, I heard a powerful testimony by one of our church members. He is completely blind, but he knows that the Lord is going to restore his sight one day. He was praying and fasting prior to the day of his testimony, and he had asked us to join him in praying for his sight to return that week. 

The week went on, and we found out that his sight was not restored. As we went to Sunday School, I wondered what his demeanor would be and how he felt. I was hoping his faith hadn’t faltered, because I had seen him do so many great things because of his blindness, but that is another story!

He got up to teach, and his first words were something like, “I just wanted to thank you all for praying for me. The Lord has not restored my sight YET.”  There it was – yet! In that moment, I realized that a growth mindset was really faith. 

“Now faith is confidence in what we hope for and assurance about what we do not see.”
Hebrews 11:1

“Yet” in the Bible

As I started looking into other situations in the Bible that displayed “The Power of Yet,” I found these. They all pointed to the end result, the promise of what would be.

  • “Indeed, you have not YET come into the resting place and the inheritance the Lord your God is giving you.” Deuteronomy 12:9
  • “Now Samuel did not YET know the Lord…” I Samuel 3:7
  • “He said this about the Spirit. Those who believed in Jesus were going to receive the Spirit, for the Spirit had not YET been given because Jesus had not YET been glorified.” John 7:39
  • “For they did not YET understand the Scripture that He must rise from the dead.” John 20:9

There are so many more scriptures just like these! The power of “Yet” in the Bible is faith and believing God’s promises for your life, despite the delays. These Bible readings and testimony made me realize that the incredible power in this word wasn’t just an academic issue or only for young people. It was an everyday life issue! 

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The Challenge

I challenge you to be aware of the power of this small word in your life. Don’t give up on your prayers, goals, or dreams – regardless of challenges and delays. It may take a little practice, but with the Lord’s guidance, we can grow our faith and our mindset. Just remember that it hasn’t happened YET!

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“When I am filled with cares, Your comfort brings me joy.” Psalms 94:19

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  1. I’ve always found such power in the word “yet.” Before I retired, I would share this with my kindergartners each year and whenever someone would say “I can’t do…” we’d all respond “YET!” It is such a hopeful way to look at things and now you’ve given me a new way to look at this phrase! I can’t wait to look more deeply at the bible verses you provided. Thank you!

  2. Love, love, love this message, Susan! Hebrews 11:1 is my life verse so it was fantastic to see how you weaved it into this post. Learning more about growth vs fixed mindsets has made such a big difference in my life. While it’s not always easy to practice a growth mindset, the effort is always worth it and I use “yet” all the time! Big hugs, CoCo

  3. This is such a small word, but with so much power! I really needed to read this. There is so much going on in my life, and sometimes I feel like I am so behind. But just focusing on the ‘yet’ brings peace and faith that some things will come.

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