A Cloud of Faith

Saturday Morning Devotional

A Cloud of Faith

a cloud like Elijah's cloud of faith
The Right Size Cloud

I have always loved looking at the clouds!  In fact, I can remember being very young and going outside to swing and see what objects I could find hidden in the sky.  Even now when the sky is clear, I cannot relax in the pool, sit outside, or even drive down the road without looking for a specific type of cloud.

A Cloud of Faith in the Bible

One of the stories in the Bible is about Elijah, his faith, and a small cloud. There had been a drought for several years, and the people were desperate for rain. Elijah began to pray for rain and actually expected it, even when the circumstances were not favorable; there were absolutely no signs of rain. He sent his servant to look for the coming rain and on the seventh time, he saw one very small cloud.

As I mentioned, on clear days I cannot help but look for this type of cloud, small and all alone, and I compare it to what Elijah must have seen. The other day I was running errands, and I saw it! I literally had to pull over and take a picture. I know this sounds ridiculous, but for some reason that story always sticks with me.

Here in Northeast Texas, we are having our own version of a drought.  As I write this in advance on a Thursday morning, we have just had a brief rain shower.  You should see everyone’s “rain” posts on Facebook.  Because it has been so uncommon to have rain around here, even this brief shower is a really big deal.

I encourage you all to keep praying for rain or whatever needs you may have, know that God is faithful, look for even the smallest clouds, and expect the rain.  He will provide for our needs.  Our part is to have faith, even when the circumstances are not favorable.

“Finally the seventh time, his servant told him. ‘I saw a little cloud about the size of a man’s hand rising from the sea.’” I Kings 18:44a

To read the full story, see I Kings 18:41-46.

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Have a Grace & Joy-Filled Day!

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“When I am filled with cares, Your comfort brings me joy.” Psalms 94:19


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