How to Recognize the Shepherd’s Voice

sheep recognizing the shepherd's voice

It is of the utmost importance for sheep to be able to recognize the shepherd’s voice. In fact, if they do not follow the shepherd, it can be life threatening. Knowing whose voice to follow gives them provision as well as protection.

We do not have many shepherds in the area (none that I know of), but I see the same concept each year around this time. It is almost time for the State Fair – such a fun event, and it comes with animal showings!

Since our two oldest granddaughters have gotten involved with FFA, we get to see lots of animal showings. It can be quite impressive to see the animals follow the students around the arena, with a little guidance. The animals know the voice of the one who is leading them.

It can also be quite amusing to see the animals lead the students around the arena. This happened to my sister way back in our teenage years. I still laugh about it.

My sister showed several animals throughout high school and did a great job. However, one year she decided to show a steer. My DAD fed it daily, walked it daily, and took great care of it. That steer knew my dad’s voice!

When the local county fair came around, it was time for her to show the steer. He didn’t know her or her voice any more than he knew mine. That steer led her around that arena like she had a ring in her nose! 🐮

Cow not being led by the owner's voice

I still laugh about it today. In fact, when we go to shows, and I see the same thing happening to another teenager, I always wonder if the animal knows the parent’s voice!

Scripture about the Shepherd’s Voice

“When He has brought all His Own outside, He goes ahead of them. The sheep follow Him because they know His voice.”
John 10:4

Just like sheep, steers, or other animals, we need to recognize THE Shepherd’s Voice. If we don’t recognize It, we can miss out on His best provisions, and we are easy prey for the predator.

How to Recognize the Shepherd’s Voice

  • Spend time with Him daily – Get to know Him intimately.
    • In Prayer
    • In His Word
    • In Worship
    • In Thankfulness and Gratitude
  • Obey Him
  • When He leads you to do something or go somewhere, follow.

The more time we spend with Him, the more we get to know Him. The closer we get to Him, the more we know His character. All of this builds our trust in Him and helps us recognize the Shepherd’s voice.

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the Good Shepherd

Aren’t you glad we have a Heavenly Father Who loves us enough to lead us? Let’s spend time with Him so we recognize the Shepherd’s voice when He speaks to us. It is for our own good!

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“When I am filled with cares, Your comfort brings me joy.” Psalms 94:19

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  1. Such a sweet reminder to remember to spend time with Him daily so we’re always sure to hear His voice and follow in His footsteps. Life can definitely get busy sometimes but He will never steer us wrong! Hugs, CoCo PS: Your grands are the cutest!

  2. The story of your sister, your dad, and the steer is such a good analogy. May we know our Shepherd’s voice so well that we are just like that steer – resistant and unyielding to any other voice.

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