Life Applications and Lessons from the Book of Romans (Vol. 68)

This week’s reading from the Book of Roman’s had several life applications and lessons in it. Let’s take a look at some of these to see how we can apply them to our lives.

Life Applications from the Book of Romans


It is amazing how you can read the same scriptures time after time and still get new meaning and applications from them. This was the case for me this week.

Life Applications and Lessons – Romans

I have no idea how many times I have read this passage, but it opened up to me a little more this past week.

Nothing can separate us from the love of Christ.

Because verse 36 separates verses 35 and 37, I don’t think I saw the clear connection between the two.

We are more than conquerors.

I read verse 37 all the time, in fact, it is one of my daily affirmations. Look closely. “In all THESE things…”

Over what things are we conquerors?

Through Him, we are conquerors over

  • Affliction (Pain, Sickness, Physical Ailments, etc.)
  • Distress (Anxiety, Stress, Pressure, Fatigue, etc.)
  • Persecution (Social or Physical Hostility)
  • Famine (Shortage)
  • Nakedness (Need)
  • Danger
  • Sword (Violence)

Are you facing any of these today? Let Him help you conquer these! They may be painful for us here on earth, but they cannot separate us from His love, and one day they will have NO power or effect on us!

  • The second you work to “earn” something, it becomes work for wages.
  • If you work for something and earn it, it is not a gift.
  • Grace is a free gift! You can’t do anything to earn it; you can only accept it.
Saved by Grace It is a gift.

  • In Biblical days, when the people brought a sacrifice to the altar, it was laid on the altar and killed. This was an act of their worship.
  • The sacrifice meant something to them. It cost them something. If they gave up something that wasn’t important to them, it wouldn’t have really been a sacrifice.
  • As our sacrifice, let us lay our earthly desires on His altar and put them to death.
  • When we do this, we will experience a “true act of worship.”

Life Applications and Lessons in Bible Study

Please join us as we read the Word each week and share your insights on these scriptures as well. Next week, continue reading the Book of Romans, and we will see what other life applications the Lord has for us.

Life Applications and Lessons Resources

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If you have joined me recently, these daily life applications from the Bible are examples of some of the comments I am writing in the Bibles I am giving to my grandchildren when they graduate from high school. Click here to see the post where I explain this eternal gift idea. I want to give them all the resources I can to use in today’s world!

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I hope these life applications and lessons will help you in some aspect of life. Please share any encouragement and lessons you have learned this week as you read the Word of God. I would love to hear your thoughts.

Until next week…

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  1. I too see these in a totally different way now, Susan. Thank you so much for explaining and sharing things in a down to earth way. It makes me reminds me the teachings of the Bible are something we can tanglibly live out each day. Hugs, CoCo

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