My Favorite Top 10 Budget Friendly Purchases in Pink

These are my favorite top 10 budget friendly purchases in pink from the last few months. When I started putting this together, I hadn’t even thought about sharing purchases that were pink. That came about when I started adding all of the pictures of my budget friendly items and noticed they all had another thing in common – the color pink!

Top 10 favorite budget friendly purchases in pink

It is no secret that I love a good bargain and the color pink – I just didn’t realize how many things I had bought that fit both of those categories. (Even as I sit here in my pink “Dollywood” sweatshirt!)

If you love a good bargain, check out some of my latest finds below. And, if you are not a fan of the color pink, most of the items come in several different colors.

Amazon Tips

  • I almost always refuse to pay for shipping, so a Prime membership is a must. There are several other benefits with a membership as well.
  • Look for special coupons before you check out. Even a little bit helps!
  • Sign up for “Alerts” on the items you are looking to purchase. When they go on sale, you will get a notification. This way you get a better deal.
  • Start “shopping lists” in your account. I have one for each family member (for gift ideas), as well as several for myself:
    • Personal Wish List
    • She Shed List
    • Business List
    • Reading/Book List
  • Be sure to check out what the Amazon reviewers have to say when purchasing a new item. They don’t have to be rave reviews, but you want to make sure they are not bad. Customer reviews can be a game changer.
  • Always look for the Amazon Bestsellers sticker. This tells you what most people purchase.

My Favorite Amazon Purchases

Budget Friendly Purchases in Pink


These are just a few of my budget friendly favorite purchases that just happen to be in pink. I could go on and on if we had the time.

#1 – Pink Luggage Tags

My Favorite Top 10 Budget Friendly Purchases in Pink luggage tags

When we returned from our trip to Tennessee last month, I was determined to never have to use one of the paper airline luggage tags again. As soon as we got back, I ordered these pink ones and love them!

They came in a set of three and were very inexpensive. I love that they have flaps that cover your personal information, so it is not out there for everyone to see!

old paper luggage tag

Aren’t the pink ones much cuter than this paper one?

Link to the Luggage Tags

#2 – Pink Passport Case

My Favorite Top 10 Budget Friendly Purchases in Pink  passport case

I am not planning a trip out of the country anytime soon. In fact, my passport is expired right now. However, while I was getting the luggage tags, I thought I would get a matching passport case. Once I get my passport updated, I will be ready!

Link to the Passport Case

#3 – Pink Cheese Grater

My Favorite Top 10 Budget Friendly Purchases in Pink cheese grater

We have been buying bagged grated cheese for years, because I do not like to spend the time grating cheese with my old fashioned grater.

It wasn’t until my daughter shared this super fast grater that I started going back to the good stuff! It takes minimal effort and time. The texture of freshly grated cheddar cheese is so much better than the bagged versions!

Link to the Cheese Grater

#4 – Tackle Box (I Filled with Pink Items)

tackle box My Favorite Top 10 Budget Friendly Purchases

After seeing CoCo’s post from The Crowned Goat, I had to make these cute little treat tackle boxes for the girls. They loved them, and what a great deal – they came in a set of 3!

You can fill them with a variety of things, and they can use them for storage afterward. These were for Valentine’s Day, but you could do other events, color schemes, and gifts as well. This would make a cute “jewelry” gift idea – just add a little piece of jewelry to each compartment. The options are endless!

Link to the Tackle Boxes

#5 – Pink Bible Cover

My Favorite Top 10 Budget Friendly Purchases in Pink Bible cover

I normally don’t use a Bible cover. However, a few weeks ago when it was raining, it made me think. This is really Evelyn’s Bible that I will give her as one of her graduation gifts one day. I don’t want any of my Bibles to get wet or damaged in any way, but I especially don’t want to end up damaging one I will be giving as a gift!

I bought this Bible cover to help protect her Bible. I don’t use it at home, but I plan to start using it when I carry it outside of the house. It is very nice with extra compartments for notepads, highlighters, pens, and more!

Link to the Bible Cover

#6 – Pink Phone Stand

My Favorite Top 10 Budget Friendly Purchases in Pink phone stand

It seems like nearly every time I am on a Zoom or other online call, I end up having a “bad connection” and get kicked off of the call! This little rose gold phone stand has been a life saver! I just log back into the call on my phone and go from there.

Link to the Phone Stand

#7 – Burt’s Bees Lip Balm (Pink)

My Favorite Top 10 Budget Friendly Purchases in Pink Burt's Bees lip balm

I don’t really wear a lot of make-up, or at least anything too bright. I love it on others but not on me. I finally found the best lip combination for me. I use Cover Girl Outlast All-Day Lip Color as a base, because it literally lasts all day, but instead of the clear gloss that comes with it, I use Burt’s Bees lip balm.

I especially love the champagne color, but I can’t always find it. For me, any muted color will work. I am not sure what is in it, but this brand of lip balm makes your lips feel so refreshed!

Link to the Burt’s Bees Lip Gloss

#8 – The BEST Fitted Sheet in Pink

My Favorite Top 10 Budget Friendly Purchases in Pink jersey and microfiber sheets

I can so relate to “The Princess and the Pea!” In fact I shared my quirkiness about this in an old post. I cannot get in the bed if there are wrinkles on the fitted sheet!

Most of the time, hotels use a top sheet as a fitted sheet, which results in wrinkles! My family used to make fun of me when we would be on vacation as I struggled to get every last wrinkle out, but I didn’t care what they said!

Since that time, I found the joy of jersey sheets! They stretch and fit so snuggly that there are NO wrinkles! No wrinkles – No struggle! (My little luxury at home!)

I found the best ones a couple of years ago that were a jersey and microfiber blend. The microfiber part of the blend made them extra soft. Then they discontinued making them!

I have searched and searched and finally found another brand, and I ordered immediately!!! I really only need a fitted sheet, and they sell them as a set or separately! Look at the difference in these true to life pictures! And they even had the blush pink color I love!

These are my new obsession!

(Side note – Our guest room has my grandmother’s bedroom set from when she got married! This was her bed.)

Link to the Fitted Sheet

#9 – Laptop Backpack in Pink

My Favorite Top 10 Budget Friendly Purchases in Pink backpack

I ordered this backpack last year and have really enjoyed it. I love the way it opens at the top like a “nurses bag” for easy access, and it is made with great quality.

I had to get a new computer recently, and I was afraid I would have to get a new backpack. They have a similar one in a larger size, but the frugal side of me would not let me get it. Luckily, it still fits.

I love this when I travel. I use it as a carry-on and pack my laptop, books, and other necessary items in it. The backpack straps make for easy carrying.

Link to the Laptop Backpack

#10 – Pink “She Reads” Bible

My Favorite Top 10 Budget Friendly Purchases in Pink She Reads Bible

I have shared this Bible multiple times, but it is worth repeating. Not only is this Bible beautiful, but it is so easy to read and understand. It is a Christian Standard Bible and very accurate to the original text. It has gold tabs marking each book, and it is also filled with notes and devotionals especially for women.

Link to the Bible

Pink Items on My Wish List

Like I mentioned, I keep a wish list, so when some of the items go on sale, I can get the best deal possible. Also, remember that I am extremely frugal. The frugality may keep me from getting the first item on my list, but we will see!

Rose Gold Ember Temperature Control Smart Mug

Rose Gold Luggage

Mini Handheld Fan in Pink

There are a few other pink items on my wish lists. However, they are mostly waiting for my she shed redo! That will be a whole different story!

I absolutely love each of these top 10 budget friendly purchases in pink. They are some of the best Amazon finds I have come across! Each one serves a purpose for me, and of course the best thing is that they are pink!

What other Amazon shopping tips do you have?
I am also curious if there are certain colors you tend to look for when making purchases. Please share!

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  1. So many fun finds in pink, Susan, I can’t wait to check them out. I love that you bought the passport holder. It will be such a great reminder to update your passport this year. I have the pink Bible and I love it too. I should probably get the pink phone stand too because my phone is white and my case is clear and I lose my phone in the house all the time. So excited to dive into the rest of these links. Thanks for sharing these! Hugs, CoCo

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