Daily Life Applications from the Bible: Vol. 60 (Acts)

I love finding lessons from the Bible that I can apply to my daily life. Currently, I am reading through the Book of Acts and searching out these daily life applications just like a treasure. I know there are many to find. I hope you will join me in the search!

Daily life applications from Acts


The New Testament, specifically the entire Book of Acts, shares the stories of the early church. These stories of the spread of the Gospel message give us inspiration, examples, and life applications we can apply to our lives. Let’s look at some of the life lessons set before us in Acts and purpose to apply them to our lives.

Life Applications

In the book of Acts, there are a few key themes – Boldness is one of those themes, and the first Christians displayed it well! This is definitely a quality to apply to our lives today! 

(1) Acts – Chapter 3

  • Acts 3:3-4 – This act of healing would set the stage for many more people to come to the Lord.
    • They didn’t ignore the beggar; they looked him right in the eye and had a real conversation with him.
    • There was a chain reaction after they blessed the lame beggar:
      • They were given the opportunity to preach the Gospel, just as the Great Commission stated. When you take the opportunities given to you, more opportunities will present themselves.
      • They were also arrested. Just because you are fulfilling God’s plan and being obedient, doesn’t mean you won’t have trouble.
      • 5,000 people heard the Good News about the Kingdom of God and came to know the Lord. The Lord blessed their efforts and obedience even in the trials and tribulations.

(2) Acts – Chapter 4

  • Acts 4:13 – Our boldness for the Lord will have an effect on the people around us.
  • Acts 4:18 – Governments and mankind may try to silence you from sharing anything about our Lord Jesus Christ.
  • Acts 4:20 – When we truly experience the Grace of God and grasp what He has done for us, we will not be able to keep it to ourselves.
  • Acts 4:29 – Pray for the power of the Holy Spirit to give you the boldness you need to fulfill your calling and mission.
  • Acts 4:31 – When you sincerely ask for boldness, get ready to receive it!

(3) Acts – Chapter 5

  • Acts 5:19-21
    • After seeing the way God sent an angel to rescue them from a humanly impossible situation, the disciples knew the Lord would take care of them so they could complete their mission.
    • Our personal experiences, especially through trials, build our faith and trust in Him. They remove our fear and give us boldness.
    • Reflect on your past experience and remember what the Lord has already done. This gives us good reason to trust Him to take care of us regardless of what we are going through in life.
  • Acts 5:29, 41
    • We need to have this mindset!
    • The reverential fear of the Lord should be greater than any social fear of people.
    • When we are persecuted because of our Christian values, count it as a compliment.
    • As hard as it is, be thankful for those “shameful” times.

Wisdom in Boldness – Bible Text

daily life application of boldness

Life Applications in Bible Study

If you are on this Bible study journey with me, I hope you are enjoying Acts as much as I am. There are so many inspirational stories about the beginning of the Church in this part of the Bible. The early Christians had so much against them, but they had the Power of God with them – That was all they needed!

I would love for you to join me weekly as we read God’s Word to find life applications to use each day. Please share your insights, since this will include your individual study as well. Next week, continue reading the Book of Acts, and see what else the Lord has for us.

Life Application Resources

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If you have joined me recently, these daily life applications from the Bible are examples of some of the comments I am writing in the Bibles I am giving to my grandchildren when they graduate from high school. Click here to see the post where I explain this eternal gift idea.

The rose colored Bible is the one I am using for my youngest granddaughter, and I really love it! The brown study Bible is the one Jay uses for his personal study.

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I pray these weekly life applications help you in everyday life. May we be mindful not to rely on human wisdom but in the Heavenly Father. Please share any encouragement and lessons you have learned this week as you read the Word of God. I would love to hear your thoughts.

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“Thy Word is a Lamp unto my feet, and a Light unto my path.” Psalms 119:105

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  1. So excited to dive into Acts with you, Susan! You always have such a special way of bringing out important verses that I would have otherwise probably glossed over so I’m learning a lot with this series. It’s seriously so, so good! Hugs, CoCo

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